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Hello, I am Milos from Montenegro, I am studying in Budva for a hotel high school, I was drawing when I was young, I was always interested in painting, my grandfather was a painting teacher in Podgorica and he taught me most of his works. I am not officially finishing a painting school, I will just finish now in recent years it is a problem with a virus at school to study, I learn privately from an official book from Zagreb for a high school academy a privilege to attend almost every day in my city a great worker of paints from Montenegro uros Toskovic a his work I learn a lot and a work with a pencil I watch from the work of Ali .Every day, his exhibition inspires me to do a lot with an oil painting with my own technology, oil painting is an oil witch we want to buy and a maimeri oil when we have the opportunity to go to Italy. I like nature to gain some perspective in the old way as I watch my grandfather’s work.
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