A young artist visits the bank’s director in New York and, quite shocked, presents a series of his paintings and prints.
The artist is unknown, but the prices of the works are very low. The banker looks at the works very carefully and in the end refuses to buy.
As he leaves, the desperate artist shows his works to the banker’s secretary, but she, in turn, refuses to buy even a single piece of paper.
After years, the secretary, now retired, tells the story to her son.
“Serious mother! Would we have Warhol’s youth works and refuse to buy them? “
A completely true story revealed by the artist Mike Brennan.
That’s right, neither the banker nor Mike’s mother knew the young Andy Warhol, nor could they imagine his development.
No one knows which artist can be established, become famous, expand his circle.
Art, along with everything else, is an investment. Investment in the work of art that is being created but also in the future of the artist.
And of course to love young artists. Start watching them from their school’s graduation reports.
This way you will get to know their art, their thinking and you will know what and why you are buying it.

“Buy Art from Living Artists, the Dead Don’t Need Money”

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