Modern thought accepts that the vacuum is not empty, but is related to the creation of momentarily formed particles of the “virtual” that fill the entire empty space, the virtual, leaving obvious traces of their activities, one of which is its stimulation. vision. In a paradoxical way, however, our vision, the instrument we see and know the world,
Yes, some are “blind” because they can’t distinguish very small particles from each other and interpret them as one. Thus, based on vision, we have a distorted picture of the real world of ideas as Plato argues. Because the world is made up of both matter and space. But the void is an empty void, full of field fluctuations, a soup of virtual particles that are constantly being born and dying. The gap exists, it is dynamic, it is an evolving entity, it is not static and empty, it is the “world” on which the shadow theater of the “visible” world is played. The figures are the protagonists of the work of life, but the berth is the necessary condition for the play to be played. Painting is the multi-faceted, colorful daughter who explores the truth of the work and the roles. Because in the theatrical work of life the subject is serious, but the distribution of roles is ridiculous.
Painting, which is in any case one of the favorite children of human artistic in pain, has appeared with man and always accompanies it. I have been accompanying her for a long time. I hope he tolerates me, because I have the best of intentions. I always look uphill and feel free along the way, because I keep setting goals that I try to achieve. The goals of painting are that which are shaped by the interpretation of life and create images that nurture and nourish art. That’s how the world changes. This strange, famous, colorful, wonderful world that borders the ocean of the unknown. In the course of the search, I described feeling alone that he was suddenly learning that the world was spinning around him and that he had common ancestors with butterflies, chronas, and the Spring Air of his homeland. Too often I don’t count and I don’t count, I try to grow taller, like a tree,
blowing the Spring rains p, waiting for summer to come. It is believed that the usefulness of the useless is the usefulness of life. That’s why I don’t hesitate to paint “useless” things, empty boxes, useless advertisements of the media. philosophical formulations and street scenes. Cars and machines, which are conditionally useful things, are a common reference in the common cultural field of everyday life, complexity and relevance. I believe that the treatment of painting should serve the notion of freedom which is not part of the human genetic code, but also teaches and is part of the education of a society. For me, painting should not serve expediencies and should always go beyond technology and technology. Painting conjectures and conjectures. I am writing this note a few miles west of Plato’s academy, but without feeling any distance from it. “Kostas Spiropoulos”

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