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As an artist I focus on dj embe rhythms and drums, I love African and Caribbean music, and I perform as a chanting poet and paint whenever I am inspired to do so.
I am passionate in what I do. I was born in Aruba from a marriage where profound Love reigned in committed faithfulness to God Almighty, who sepresence till today embodies the strong hold by which I live. I built my character and that of my children and students.
I strive to create poems and paintings and i am inspired to consciously nurture strong family values and stimulate the naturally generous kindness that emanates from the core of ones heart on to all of humanity.
I am inspired by nature’s beauty, human relationships and the simplethings life bring.
I am an Artist, writer, chanting poet and together with the “DRUMS of the EARTH “we performed with Bikkel Artist on different occasions in Amsterdam, Estremoz Portugal, Aruba, In Maasluis the Netherlands .

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