Abdalla Hamdy

Abdalla Hamdy



The artist participated in 9 art exhibitions in the Arab Republic of Egypt between 2010 and 2019.
International exhibitions:
Group exhibition in France 2016
Group exhibition in Spain 2016
The fourth international competition in South Korea 2017
Awards: South Korea International Art Medal 2017
The artist sold many of his paintings to Egypt, France, Spain and South Korea

If you love art, you don’t need millions to buy an artwork that you will live with ! If we really love art, we buy works by artists who live with us.

We buy the art that excites us, that stimulates sensitivities, that covers the needs of our personal culture, that at first glance causes us a strange vibration. We enter the work, we trace his heart, we look for his intentions, we want to decipher his messages. In my humble opinion, you first love the work of art, first you bond with it and at some point you will probably care about its economic value. It’s great to buy artists of your generation. Artists who live and create at the same time as what we live.
“Buy Art from Living Artists, the Dead Don’t Need Money”

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