Ms. Serenos Pečiūnaitytės painting and graphica arts exhibition „Nomen Reptilium”
Artist Serena Pečiūnaitytė was born in 1976 in Lithuania (Šakiai, Giedručiai village). In 1995 Ms. Serena graduated Kaunas Arts Gymnasium, and in 1999 she graduated Vilnius Arts Academy with a Diploma of Bachelor of Arts (Graphics). In 2001 she graduated Vilnius Arts Academy with a Diploma of Masters in Arts (Graphics). She also received a Diploma of a Teacher from Lithuanian University of Education in 2012. In 2013 Ms. Serena received the second highest qualification of a teacher in Lithuania. Since 2020 Ms. Pečiūnaitytė is a member of Lithuanian Association of Artists. Ms. Serene lives and works in Kaunas, Lithuania.
Ms. Serena Pečiūnaitytė devotes her arts to animals. In her young years she lived in environments where horses, cows, turtles, other animals were appreciated. Childhood impressions still influence her artistic choices. Attention to nature, animals is evident in her pieces of arts, and her creativity is well received and recognised both in Lithuania and internationally: in Japan, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland.

In this exhibition Serena Pečiūnaitytė presenting her works from different painting and graphica art series.

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