Abdelkader Belazi 2


Title:  Untitled

Materials:  Acrylics on canvas
Year:  2020
Country: Tunisia

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Art, along with everything else, is an investment. Investment in the work of
art that is being created but also in the future of the artist.
Few artists today make a living from their art, and even fewer of them
present their work in galleries or other places. Many are forced to do some
other work, which does not reduce them but deprives them of the
opportunity to offer everything they can and want in their art. By buying
works from living artists, we help art & artists to exist.
These cheap artworks that you will buy today will probably prove to be an
investment in a short time. Of course, like all investments, it involves risk,
but here in the Online Art Gallery the economic dimension is so low.
So you must feel very satisfied for your buy.
And of course to love young artists. Start watching them from their school’s
graduation reports. This way you will get to know their art, their thinking
and you will know what and why you are buying it.
Buy Art from Living Artists, the Dead Don’t Need Money”

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