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Annuradha Malik

Annuradha Malik is a well known and highly acclaimed artist, whose body of work spans mixed media – Oil on Canvas, Pencil Sketches, Collages, Tanjore Painting, Mysore Art, etc.

Having completed her BFA from Chandigarh, she has established for herself an enviable position amongst art circles in India, USA, Canada and UAE. Annuradha has been commissioned to execute various artworks for clients and patrons, especially in India and the UAE. Her works have been exhibited in art galleries in Sharjah and Dubai.

Annuradha displays a mastery, strength and maturity in her handling of portraits. Her handling of colour and form as well as an unmatched fineness, results in picture-like realism and expressive eyes, which speak to you. There is an almost poetic subtlety in her compositions, which have a surreal quality in them and are easily discernible, due to her characteristic treatment of the subjects.

This is particularly true of Annuradha’s treatment of her Tanjore paintings. Tanjore paintings, from times immemorial, have had a distinct look where faces of Gods and Godesses are concerned. Annuradha has tackled this look in her own way, bringing a more realistic form to the characters she paints.

Perhaps, for the first time ever for any artist in the world, Annuradha has added a totally new dimension to the various media she excels in. MOLTEN GOLD is what she has named this collection, in which she has introduced a generous input of the 24 Ct. Gold foil, akin to the one used for traditional Tanjores.

Annuradha excels in her own unique style of the rather specialized art of Tanjore paintings and Mysore art. Each work is exemplary, inasmuch as each of her creations is exclusive on its own. She has a vast and impressive collection of her various creations. A timeless serenity pervades all her works, reflecting the spiritual manifestations of each one of them. Her paintings are nothing short of poetry.

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