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House No. 19, B-6 M-7 Lack City,         Contact: –   0300-4433656, 0300-2635444 Raiwind Road,  Lahore Pakistan

Established permanent Art gallery of patients with Schizophrenia at “Fountain House.”
Organized Art therapeutic workshops of patients with Schizophrenia & epilepsy; arranged Solo & Group shows of paintings; held at “Al-Hamrah Arts Council/ Gallery and Anna Malka Art Gallery” Punjab University; The college of Art & Design.(2004-2006)
Introduced Art therapeutic sessions/ design which depicts psychological aspects of Art on Mental Health.
Design the Drama therapeutic workshops and shows for the patients with Schizophrenia at “Fountain House” & Al-Hamrah Arts Council LHR.(2004-2009)
Psycho-Drama “Addiction is Curse”.(Alhamra hall # 1 18th December 2004)
Psycho-Drama “Roohi ki khani Roohi ki zubani” (Alhamra hall # 3 16th January 2007)
Note: – Expect all these Psychodramas several psychodramas are staged at Prof. Dr.M.Rashid Chaudhry Auditorium like (“Who Am I, Identity Crises, Independence day, etc”)

Prof.Khalid Saeed Butt.
I feel his professional inquisitive searches of the human mind have greatly influenced his style of painting, lending an aura of mystery and abstraction to his creations. In my opinion his paintings should be looked at in deeper context. There is definitely more to his paintings than meets the eye. Visually the use of color and composition of indescribable shapes have an almost hypnotic effect on the onlooker. I seem to sense traces of many past masters such as “Elgaoeco” whose elongated figurative shapes created a sense of weightlessness. Here, Asim Amjad gives a hint of human shape in somewhat mystic surroundings. Although his approach to painting rapidly changes from constructive strokes of color to pointillistic seuraisk tones, he has maturely handled the clusters of synchronized color strokes bringing in disturbance as well as the feeling of calmness simultaneously which is an unusual combination tugging at the subconscious. I rate Mr. Amjad’s paintings as a visual Sufism. I have great respect for his endeavor and feel he can achieve great heights in his painting career as long as he does not deviate from present conceptual objectives.

Prof.Dr.Margaret Culmone.
Your work speaks volumes and I found yours work very sensitive and reflective.

Prof.Iqbal Ahmad.
Excellent modern paintings and perfect professionalism.