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It is interesting that in Chernivtsi paintings by BUKOVYNIAN IGOR KALINCHUK are presented for the first time, and a total of 30 works by the author are exhibited at this exhibition.  These are mainly landscape works, which are characterized by a peculiar vision of the landscape, a feature in the color and composition of paintings.  Igor is in love with the beauty and uniqueness of nature, and creates with a kind of intimate lyricism in his soul, conveying his own inner poetics to depict the landscapes of his native land.
We will note also that Kalinchuk’s works already had time to fall in love with numerous private collectors and today are stored in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Romania, the USA, Russia, Israel, Livno, France, Slovenia, and other countries.
“Although Igor presented a few works at the exhibition, they are all presented at a high level.  He works professionally, selflessly, and confirmation of this is his participation in a number of exhibitions in Romania and Moldova, where he received his higher education.  Pleasant color, special mood with thoughtfulness, dreaminess, lyrical
Each picture emphasizes the talent of the author.  A huge number of details, the play of light and shadow, the choice of composition, the perception of the modern world are admirable.  And the colors are amazing, resonate with the content of the paintings.
And we will note from ourselves that Igor Kalinchuk’s personal exhibition “My World of Beauty” will last in the Chernivtsi Art Museum until September 3.  And, of course, we expect that art fans will visit the exhibition hall and get acquainted with the works of this interesting young artist.