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Acrylic, fumage, monotyping

My name is Claudia Harbauer. I was born in Magdeburg on the river Elbe , Germany, where I spent my childhood and learned the profession of a medical-technical assistant.

I already discovered my passion for art in my youth.

Since 2002 I have lived in Hersching and continue to work in my profession in research. In art, as in my personal development , a creative process always takes place. Implementing this in my paintings and discovering it again and again is a great challenge for me.

In order to constantly improve my knowledge of various techniques such as monotyping , fumage, and image composition and to get to know other perspectives and views of art, I have participated in individual workshops of artist and in art academies in the last few years.

Among others with Brigitte van Laar, art lecturer and master student of the Düsseldorf academy of arts, with Alfred Darda, winner of the Munich “Seerosen” Award, at the Betzigau acadmy of arts in Allgäu with Georg Kleber, Robert Suess, Alexander Kowarzyk, as well as at the Wildkogel academy of arts in Munich with Birgit Lorenz, Bogdan, and Heidi Willberg.

I am particularly curious about the use of colors such as gouache, acrylic, ink and pencil, and how to apply them as mixed techniques in composition.

The themes in my paintings are broadly diversified, sometimes on paper, sometimes on canvas or free and vibrant, but still objective.