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Erika Petunovienė (Erica AYTĖ) is Lithuanian artist, has a Master’s Degree in Art and Technology, 2020 granted the Status of Artist by the Ministry of Culture.
Organized more than 18 Solo exhibitions, participate in more than 40 group exhibitions, art symposiums abroad (India, Italy, Korea, USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Austria etc.) and in the Lithuania.
AYTE’S artworks are published in various international contemporary art catalogs: International Art Catalog “WE CONTEMPORARY 2019”, CAPSULES, “CURATORIAL VOLUME”, Art International contemporary magazine and others.
The artist organizes “ART & SELF-education” paintings, self-education evenings for women, creative workshops for adults and companies. The aim is to introduce others to painting, drawing, art and to know deeper themselfes, to relax and spend time meaningfully. The artist actively participates in various auctions and support projects. He also teaches painting and organizes creative workshops in the local community.

I was born and raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. Vilnius is important to me as a focal point of culture, and his atmosphere has given me the desire to choose creativity. I perceive color as a way to give my art a communicative tone. Today, I perceive the world as a conveyor of fast life with a lot of unnaturally, stress and alienation. By choosing different tools and techniques, I create paintings on topical issues, highlighting not the problem, but revealing the ways of solving it in the paintings.
My eye-catching thing is the brightness of advertising, media and design. It is the shine that surrounds us, the neon and bright light, the golden and bronze gloss, the popular unnatural magenta, cyan blue and turquoise. For me, this is a sign of pluralism: bright-colored media are directed at everyone. I do not like it as a negative factor, but I consider it a single sign. My painting is affected by such coloring. If you had to attribute your creation to a particular stream, I would call it abstract symbolism. I love the composition of the painting, the color or the figurative cues to add a certain riddle, the hidden meaning that the observer can see and may not. This gives my creative process a more fascinating, meta-content, feeling that I can give the viewer a piece of his worldview.

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