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Zervas Art Online Gallery is pleased to announce the solo exhibition by Bahrain-based Egyptian artist Jehan Saleh featuring mixed media on canvas paintings from her latest body of work.

Borne out of Jehan Saleh’s naturally optimistic disposition, Insight developed from a single idea: a change of perspective can dramatically alter our perception of a situation, give us a deeper insight into it, and potentially change its outcome.In Saleh’s own words, ‘Sometimes it helps to physically turn something upside down.  You see it differently, and perhaps you find something new about it that changes your perspective completely.’

The human face has always held a unique fascination for Saleh and hence has served as inspiration for much of her work.  Over the years, she has built up a photographic portfolio of hundreds of portraits of friends, colleagues and strangers.  It is this portfolio that she mines for the basis of this body of work.  Starting with a black and white print of a portrait on a canvas, Saleh turns the image upside down and then proceeds to cover it with layer after layer of acrylic and ink that she allows to run and flow over the canvas.  Working in a limited palette of black, blue and tan, she stresses that simplicity is key to engaging visually with the viewer and communicating her concept. The result is mesmerizing.

The portraits, sometimes visible, at other times, almost barely there, stare out of the canvas, looking at the work from the back, as it were.  They observe, provoke, watch the viewer, challenging him to first recognize their silent existence, and then engage him on a very personal emotional level.

Jehan Saleh was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1973 and moved to Bahrain in 2002 to work as an art teacher.  During her tenure in education, Saleh became an active member of the Bahrain Contemporary Art Society.  Since 2006, she has worked at Albareh Art Gallery as Gallery Coordinator and Business Development Manager.

Saleh’s work has been exhibited in Australia. Bahrain, Egypt, Greece, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and the UAE.  She has received a number of awards and Honorary Certificates from the Ministry of Education, the Human Rights Society, Al Eskafi Society, Aseela Art Festival, and the Adhari Festival.  Her work features in a number of private and public collections in the Middle East.Saleh holds a Bachelor of Art Education from Port Said University, Egypt (1995).