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LAIMA JONYNAITĖ-GIEDRAITIENĖ’S exhibition “Pastel Spring”: painting inspired by nature. In the online gallery by Zervas Art artist Laima Jonynaitė-Giedraitienė is present her new exhibition „Pastel spring“.
The author lives and works in Kaunas. She studied at Stepas Žukas Art Technical School, later graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts, Kaunas Faculty of Interior Design. The artist’s creative activity has been going on for 15 years: since 2006 she has been participating in exhibitions and has organized 9 personal exhibitions. Laima Giedraitienė works as an art therapist, illustrates books for children.
The painter creates abstract works using oil painting techniques, improvises with subtle coloristic combinations. One of the sources of inspiration and ideas is nature: the seasons, a fragment of the natural landscape or a plant motif, which is often developed into a much more abstract visual, emotional, mood-inspired painting. The exhibition “Pastel Spring” is associated with the awakening spring, the harmony of sensitive muted coloristic shades, the nuance of pastel colors, transitions. The works in this exhibition are divided into two groups: improvisations that preserve the contour of the plant, landscape, sail, which connect real and abstract segments, fragments of everyday life with an infinitely individual, enchanting world, abstract concept of space, abstract landscape or human figure. The works “Sailboats”, “Port at Sunset”, “Waiting” and others can be named as such. The coloristic dynamics of the narrative, stylization, landscape, architecture, stylization of the contour of human figure are especially important in them. The viewer is invited to stop, to see the universal eternity and time repetition moment in everyday detail.
Other works in exhibition are focused on the testimony of the harmony of the inner world, the change of mood, the images of dialogue with the environment. Very often these abstract works are inspired by the details of nature, by minimizing and stylizing these motifs they turn into a more universal image of the perception of the environment. This is evidenced by the titles of the works, which are minimalist, subjective, testifying only to the source of inspiration for the painting: “Sowthistles”, “Summer Rain”, “Autumn”, “Poppies”, “Thoughts or In a Circle of Thoughts”, the most important element of the work composition is a nuance of color and improvisation. A fragment of the plant from which grows a mystical, symbolic landscape that becomes a map of the spiritual world, extremely subtle and sensitive, addressed to the educated evaluator of abstract painting. In the context of Lithuanian abstract painting, Laima Jonynaitė-Giedraitienė’s works are distinguished by the quiet, subtle and stylized abstract language of painting, subtle, muted by the world of pastel colors. All this is the individual stylistics of the painter, testifying to the concept and expression of the female self.

Curators of the exhibition: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and Panagiotis Zervas.