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I am inspired by the society and feelings concerning human and natural life in his birth place. There are two condition in the place where I was born, the fundamental request of social thinking and the contrast of between the gender. I believe that to have a good variety we have to choose both colors of life then we harmonized and balanced. Sometimes I paint on themes that reflect on my personal life experiences, things that happen to me in the past and my future vision. Painting to me is like writing a diary. I have often felt torn between what feels like a number of driving personalities.
Although my work could almost always be described as objective or realistic, my aims never stay fixed to any particular point on a bored spectrum of intent. Sometimes I feels a strong need to make painting that are unapologetically descriptive of what is immediately around me; view of the city, the people I knows, familiar hallways and spaces, or elements of nature that appeal to me. Other times, my work depicts a different kind of reality: one that is highly fictitious and fee of limitations of the motivations might come from outside min surrounding. People, places, and objects, becoming reflect deeper social and personal narratives. Common to various types of work I engages in, is a deep commitment to the traditions of descriptive painting.
In a world where newness has become a value in and of itself, I am more moved by the compliment that what I am doing technically and feels like something from the past, while embodying something that is currently relevant. Some time I chooses a woman as a subject to describe some idea of strength. I use a woman to express the nature of balance. I also use yellowish color to represent their bases of life its men’s yellow color soil it is the organic item to prepare their daily crafts. Both women and colors depict their strength.
In the actual time I am highly focus on constructed a new form by using the unconscious line. We are able to read a known alphabet forms because we are learned and practice from in the beginning of our childhood. So, we are engaged with the forms effectively, but I am followed my thought of life that derived from the conscious line even it is still the unknown beauty of existence forms.