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Hometown: Hokkaido Sapporo Hokkaido University of Education Iwamizawa School Art (Painting) Graduation In case Affiliation: New Hokkaido Art Association In 2013 :The 58th New Hokkaido Art Exhibition Membership Election In 2016 :Iwamizawa painting Hall ~Exhibition by “Iwamizawa’s artist” In 2017: To the World Federation First Prague Art Fair of the club academic center for UNESCO. I participated. (With master class.) “Czech Republic” In 2017: Kansai fan festival art exhibition 32nd .I awarded Kyoto newspaper prize “Shiga, Nara, Kyoto” In 2017 :Paris Salon-de- Autumn . I won the prized “France” And I was recommended to the Paris International Salon solo exhibition department. In 2017:Paris International Salon.I awarded the Grand Prize. “France” In 2018:The 4th Hokkaido / Heilongjianga Province /Sakhlin International Exchange Art Exhibition “Sapporo” from 2014 to 2018: Solo exhibitions (Tokeidai gallery, Saito Gallery, Hokuto-kanGallary etc. …) “Sapporo” In 2018.I participanted to the 2nd Prague Art Fair (Again, with master class) “Czech” In 2018:The 10th Japan French Contemporary Art World Exhibition . I had wall exhibition “Tokyo” In 2018 :Paris Salon · Salon-de- Autumn .I won the prized . “France”


Miyuki Takanashi was devoted to painting three years ago after retiring early. A solo Exhibition entitled “Fascinated by the radiance of life” exhibiting oil and tempera is held. Representing the vitality of human beings and plants mysteriously around female images. There is no model in the person, but with a careful drawing, the facial expressions are somewhatconfusing and a deep inner feeling is felt. A world colored with beautiful colors is spreading