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Muhammad Imron
The creative process that is influenced by the subconscious mind

There are two differences of fine art artist in processing of creativity.
A. Art artists who generally work more predominantly use a conscious mind which only has the ability of twelve percent of the work of the brain so that when working more put forward or focus on the following matters
1. To think / to seek find the object that will be expressed on the canvas.
2. To rely more on technical things in painting.
3. Usually influenced by a particular genre or other artists.
B.  An art artist whose creative process uses a subconscious mind that has the ability of eighty-eight percent of the brain’s work so that in principle, he can be better in the creative process because of the following::
1. To put forward emotional and intuition.
2. The object that is expressed leads more to a life journey or spiritual
experience, it can also be objects that affect his emotional feeling and stored in his subconscious memory.
3. To tend to be more creative in expressing objects because his creativity is based on the journey of life.
4. The expression of the work are more characteristic and more expressive because they involve a sense of passion and desire
5. It is not influenced by the genre or particular artist figure. Original work What I wrote  above is based on my analysis among artists and also from my personal experience of the creative process. In the creative process, I have experienced a lot some events that are beyond normal limits.
Things that have happened in my creative process are as follows :
1. When I have the desire to paint I never imagine an object that  will be expressed on the canvas
2.  I usually build a calm and comfortable atmosphere both physically and in a place where the painting process will be created. For physical comfort, I usually shower with a fragrant aromatherapy. And the place must be clean.
3. When the atmosphere is formed, I sit in front of the canvas focusing in a relaxed and comfortable condition. The next few minutes I really feel there is a vibration of energy from within
4. When the energy vibration gets stronger then I start the process. My hands move to paint controlled by my subconscious. ( use tools or don’t use tools ).
5. my consciousness serves only as a color management control.
6.  Some time later from the cryptic process began to appear visual objects on the canvas. ( more complex, there are calligraphy, human faces etc ).
7. I  began to emphasize the visual object that will be used as the center of interest. In the process of painting I will show you the video.
To strengthen the above arguments, I took the theory of the unconscious mind written by Sigmund Freud, the ‘founder of psychoanalysis, which popularized the mind that is in the subconscious mind.
He likens the consciousness of our mind to an iceberg, where you can see only a little at sea level. ( conscious mind 12 percent ).
While most of the icebergs are deep under the sea ( subconscious mind. 88 percent ) Sigmund revealed that the subconscious is a place where we store feelings, . thoughts, urges, desires and memories that we are not aware of. And it continues to influence our behavior and the course of our lives. The subconscious plays a role in shaping the motivation for personal interest from a human.
The subconscious mind is also responsible for forming human memories, intuition, fantasies and dreams also how to process information of all forms.
The subconscious mind often cannot be accepted with reason or rational desire, the impulses that exist in the subconscious can produce work. some of the unconscious aspects are as follows :
1. Confidence
2. Creativity
3. Intuition
4. Personality
5. Feelings and habits.
The  characteristics of the subconscious mind are :
1. It does not differentiate between imaginary or rational. When someone’s subconscious is dominant then imagine sometimes becomes reality.
2 .Irrational credulity. This happens when the subconscious mind is dominant too.
3. Smart and understands  which is focused. The subconscious mind tends to really understand what is in focus.
Thus what I have written is a creative process that I experienced and happened because of the subconscious mind.
I hope this article is useful and becomes a new and inspiring information because this method of creative processing is not yet known to many people and is used in general.