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Nabaz Abdullatif Mohammed

• First solo exhibition was held in Baghdad at the hall of Fine Arts Institute/ 1995.
• Participation in mural paintings with group of art students at College ofFine Arts wall / Baghdad 1999.
• Participation in the mural painting of Halabjah monument for fivethousand martyrs and victims / 2003.
• Having a shared exhibition with students of higher education at theNational Museum gallery in Sulaimani / 2005.
• Participation in many exhibitions and festivals in Baghdad and Sulaimanias well as other exhibitions in abroad of Iraq.
• Collectors have some of his artistic works in Qatar, Jordan, Sweden,Germany and USA.
• Solo exhibition (Anxiety made visible Portraits of hidden suffering) /National Museum gallery in Sulaimani / 2017.
• Solo exhibition (Echoes of Post Catastrophe) Museum gallery in Sulaimani/ 2019.

• Participated in Teaching Methods Course at School of Basic Education atuniversity of Sulaimani 2012.
• Participated in modern teaching and research methodology workshop(ICT), held at university of Sulaimani in collaboration with Luleauniversity of Technology and UNESCO – Iraq in 2014.
• Participation in first Symposium of Arts at Sulaimani 2014.
• Participation in AL Asmakh Art Atelier 11 of Art Regency at Doha / Qatar2014.
• Participation in the first festival for creativity and visual arts, by Lamasatinstitution, at Sharm el-Sheikh / Egypt in 2016.
• Participation Taiwan International Art Exchange Exhibition (Yunlin ArtTogether) 2017.
• Coordinator of Academic Art Exchange between university of Sulaimaniand university of Kassel – Germany/ 2017.
• Represent many lectures and seminars about contemporary art styles andstylistic in Kurdistan Region.

• 2010 – 2011 University of Sulaimani / School of Fine ArtsPhD Contemporary Visual Arts
Dissertation title: The Reflection of Existentialism in Visual Arts inModernity and Post Modernity Era.
• 2006 – 2007 University of Sulaimani / School of Fine Arts
M.A Style and Stylistic in Contemporary Paintings
Thesis title: The Stylistic Features in the Contemporary Paintings in IraqiKurdistan.
• 1999 – 2000 University of Baghdad / College of Fine Arts B.AVisual Arts / Painting Department
• 1996 – 1997 Institute of Fine Arts / Baghdad. Diploma PlasticArts department / Painting

• A member at Iraqi Artists Syndicate.
• A member at Iraqi Visual Artists Society.
• A member at Kurdistan Artists Syndicate.
• Head of Painting Branch at College of Fine Arts / 2005 – 2010
• A member at College of Fine Arts Council Member / 2012 – 2016

Coordinator of programs and curriculums at College of Fine.


• 2002 – 2021 Lecturer at College of Fine Arts/ University of Sulaimani.
• 2003 – 2004 Art Teacher at the institute of Fine Arts of Sulaimani.
• 2019 – 2020 Lecture at College of Engineering / Archetecture department – University of Sulaimani.

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