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Nizar Al-Hattab est né à Alep, Syrie, 1969
Membre de la Syrian Plastic Artists Union
Expert technique en science des empreintes digitales, des signatures et de la détection des fraudes au ministère syrien de la justice
Il est titulaire d’un doctorat honorifique du Syrian Medical Group
Ambassadeur du patrimoine arabe et des arts plastiques de la Peace Academy
Cinquante expositions individuelles en Syrie, Turquie, Allemagne, Liban et Amérique
J’ai de nombreux postes internationaux et arabes
Il détient de nombreux certificats d’appréciation et médailles d’or

Nizar Al-Hattab, born in Aleppo. Syria 6_121969
Resident in the Netherlands, the city of Gouda
Member of the Syrian Artists Union

I graduated from the schools of the sons of the martyrs and completed my artistic studies between Syria and Lebanon … I also worked as a teacher of aesthetics and visual communication at the schools of the sons of the martyrs in Aleppo from 1993 to 1998
He also worked as an expert in fingerprinting and fraud detection at the Syrian Ministry of Justice from 2003 until 2019.
Diploma in International Commercial Arbitration in Alternative Settlements. Oman Jourdan
_ Awarded an honorary doctorate from the Syrian Medical Association
I was also authorized and assigned as an ambassador for Arab heritage and plastic arts from the World Academy for Peace.
Solo exhibitions .. more than fifty exhibitions within the Syrian provinces, Arab and European countries
Participant in the most important Arab and international forums, including the International Innovators Forum in North Korea 2015
Doha Forum 2018
He received many honorary and honorary certificates and gold medals.
My business is distributed in most countries of the world …

Nizar Alhattab