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 +963 11 5655359

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Visual Artist
Birth place and date: Syria, Idleb 20/11/1991
• English: Average
• Arabic: Native

• A member of visual artists union – Damascus since 1987 Id# 1386
• Many individual exhibition are made the latest are:
o Dust Reborn – eve 2018
o Colored Dust 2017
o Dumozi 2nd 2017
o Dumozi 1st 2016

• Joined many of Local and international exhibitions
o ministry of culture activities
o annual mass exhibitions
o Artistic gathering along the country-the latest one is in Aswaidaa-
o German Gallery – Eslohe
o Austria, Vienna – mural painting called: Street vendor
o Palestinian artists union activities 2016
o Palestinian culture fest. 2016
And much more

• My paintings are sold in:
o Syria: Private customers, & Government
o Germany – Austria Vienna – Australia – France – Turkey: Private Customers.
• Many local and international awards and participating letters.
• All resent activities are media supported and published on TV, newspapers and websites.

Educational and train side:
• Formal lecturer at Fine Art Faculty – Damascus University.
• Formal lecturer at the faculty of architect – Damascus University.
• Volunteer trainer of artist staff and talented youth at the centers of the Ministry of Education
• Formal Trainer at Kids Talent Care Project – Damascus City (Tomorrow is ours) 2017


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