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„Online Art gallery by Zervas Art“ presents  young generation lithuanian photographer Remigijus Čižauskas black and white photoworks exhibition „Citie faces“. The artist was worked and lived in Ireland, but now currently lives and works in Kaunas, in  Lithuania. R.Čižauskas started to create photography when he learned at school, but he did not remember  up this hobby later. While he lived  in Ireland he was organized Lithuanian photographers exhibitions in colloboration with of the Republic of Lithuanian Embassy in Ireland, later he was found photoclub „Fotomanai“ .  For a long time the artist was dreamed to have an own art gallery, which came true when he opened his tattoo studio in Kaunas old town. In his studio often he organising lithuanian artists exhibitions and meetings with the artists. Photographer Remigijus Čižauskas is create black and white photography, which is nuanced , highlighting shadows, movement, expressions of captured, people creating an intimate emotion of the relathionships with the peoples observed the image. The author is travelling photographer, in this photographs many images of foreign cities, which combines fragments of the architecture of these countries, the connection between the environment and people. All the works of this artisto of the exhibition are characteristic, direct of portrait of a people or women created in his photographs is complement by the contexts and details of the environment all of which form a whole. It is extremely important that when looking at a person the photographer characterized him, individualized him, presents a peculiar portrait interpretation, searches for the code to be portrayed and usually finds understand and knows him.

And the same time each photowork is separate cultural geographical and historical narrative.

In frequent photowork the author also captures people whose faces and bodies are decorating with tattoos, as if concidering how important another identity, perhaps a mask, complements a person‘s image and concept is portrait which he creates.

Text by Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, curators of this exhibition: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and Panagiotis Zervas.