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It’s great to buy artists of your generation.
Artists who live and create at the same time as what we live.
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Robabeh Delkhosh ( Roya )
IRAN – 1976
President of Iran Darroudi Academy of Visual Arts
Part_time Art Master at Art University
Member of Iranian painting house
Member of ICAA and WCAA South Korea
Art Ambassador IRAN-INDIA
Curator and Manager of Art workshop and exhibition
2014_2016, M.A University of Neyshabur , Master of Research Art
2010_2014, B.A University of Neyshabur , Bachelor of Fine Arts
2008, University of Mashhad , Associate Degree of Archeology
Professional Position
2012_Now, Teaching at my own Academy (IDA), all ages students.
2014_2020, Teaching at Art Colleges as Part time Master.
2018_Now, Teaching as Art Master at Art Girls School, Golfam
Solo Exhibition
2018, color of Nature, Atiyeh Gallery, Neyshabur , IRAN
2018, Color of Neyshabur, Art Gallery, University of Neyshabur, IRAN
2015, Mirror of Nature, Kamal al molk Gallery, Neyshabur , IRAN
2015, Fasli Digar, Bater Public Library, Darroud , IRAN
Collaborative Exhibition
2021, Homage to all the women of this universe, Online International Exhibition, NORWAY
2021, Pray for Myanmar, Online International Exhibition, INDONISIA
2021, Hope, Karkhana Art Space, Online International exhibition, BANGLADESH
2021, 2nd Virtual visual expressions, Pagoda Group, Online International exhibition, NEPAL
2020, Jump Over, Museum H, Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA
2019, Silk Road, Xi’an, CHINA
2019, Artists Iranian, latuvu Gallery, Bages, FRANCE
2018, women’s Art Now, Yangpyeong Art Museum, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
2017, small painting , Azar Nor Gallery , Mashhad , IRAN
2017, Iran Avant Grade , D- Mitte gallery , Dusseldorf , GERMANY
2019, We are Nature, art School, Neyshabur, IRAN
2017, Love & Peace , Seoul , SOUTH KOREA
2017, Try for good, Jaipur, INDIA
2016, Carbon 12, Diggi Palace , Jaipur, INDIA
2021, Head of Yadman Iran Darroudi International,Webinar, IRAN
2021, Pray for Myanmar, Speaker, International webinar, INDONISIA
2017, Peace & Love for World, Biggest children workshop, National Park Darroud, IRAN