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Samuel Prophask Asamoah is a creative, versatile, and detail-oriented artist from Ghana. He has extensive knowledge in painting, sculpture, and most art genres. His passion for art emerged at a tender age while drawing and coloring many of the things he observed in nature. Asamoah was trained at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and technology in Kumasi-Ghana. He has a unique way of expressing his artistic ideas in abstract, realism, and surrealism.

Asamoah is passionate about colors. As a result, he works with diverse media such as oil paint, acrylic paint, oil and chalk pastels, color pencils, and charcoal with a cotton canvas as his preferred working surface. He also uses found objects such as plastics, newspapers, et cetera in in the form of recycled art to address environmental and sustainability issues. His works bear traces of Ghanaian cultural elements as well as elements from other cultures around the globe to advocate for intercultural unity. According to Asamoah, “everything on earth is interconnected, and humans are part of that equation”. He believes in justness, sincerity, authenticity, as well as dynamism, hence, portrays these through the merger of cultures. This makes Asamoah’s art transcultural and transnational.

Although his philosophy is influenced by the Ghanaian tradition, his themes reflect contemporary functionality. According to Asamoah, “art must record both tangible and intangible facets of life as far as culture is concerned”. 

His works have been part of exhibitions in his native country Ghana and internationally and have won the hearts of both local and international art collectors and art lovers. 

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