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   +972 525329131

    +972 525329131



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Date of Birth: 17.02.86
Phone number: 972 525329131
Address: Hayim Sireni 19 st. Tel Aviv, Israel
Website: https:// www. shirakamrad. com
Instagram: https:// www. instagram. com/ shira_ kamrad_ paintings
2008 – 2013 B. E. d. F. A, Hamidrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl, Israel.

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 The Collectivists” Artists House TLV Tel Aviv, Israel)
2019 Luminous Screens” Alfred Cooperative Institute ofArt Tel Aviv, Israel)
2018 Glimpse” Central Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel)
2017 The Inner Child” The Cuckoo’ s Nest Gallery Jaffa, Israel)
2017 Painting x 4 ” Hagada Hasmalit Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel)
2015 Reflections” Zadik Gallery Jaffa, Israel)
2013 Alumni Exhibition at Hamidrasha Faculty for Arts Beit Berl, Israel)
Gallery membership:
2018 – 2020 a member of Alfred Cooperative Institute for Art Culture.
Aboutmy works
Within my works I portray specific moments I experience, in an attempt to express a certain atmosphere, mental impressions or distant memories. I am interested in figurative visual representation. The different characters in my works exist separately, or interact with others in various scenes and situations.
Some of the paintings are dark and murky, while others are light and colorful. I draw inspiration from daily situations that catch my attention, from people I encounter, from memories or images that influence me. Some paintings express a very distinct sense of locality introducing street signs or specific places from my close environment, while others are ambiguous and fantasmatic. My works express a sense of voyeurism, alienation, longing and suspense. They are quick, intuitive and expressive, incorporating bold brush strokes and strong outlines, while also inducing a dream like sensation a disturbing mixture of reality and fiction.