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It is difficult to speak about one’s self. You shall find more about me if you see my interests and my creations as a visual artist.
What I wanted to be in life, was to become animator and story teller. To succed in this I had to study the art of Animation through drawing the human body, illustrating and creating story boards. Further we had to learn the story of Arts create threedimentional items figurative and abstract. We also had to draw and paint directly out of doors urbanscape and scenery. All that and much more was the everyday’s practice in the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague (vš ůmprum v Praze) 1971-1977. The biggest project I had to produce was my diploma work the film “Kýperske proměny” 6 minutes of animation.
Coming back to Cyprus I was a pioneer of animated tv spots (1979-1985). In the same time I create a vast number of water coloured figurative drawings with pen and indian ink. Up to now I exhibited in Cyprus and abroad and more than 25 one man shows. By the time I worked because of technical and financial sircumstances less in animation and illustration and much more in painting. Since 1987, after a plain air of painting in then soviet Lithuania (Vilnius) I started painting in oils and introduced collage and mixed media. In 1992 I got again interest to devote my time lerning the new technology of animating in CG 3D and produced again further animations for commercial and educational purposes. These productions stopped in 1995 when I left aside my interest in 3D CG. I am still a great fun of animation and after many trials to get again the knowledge this time trying to master ToonBoom ‘Studio’ and ‘Animate software’ I finally completed by the end of March 2012 a 7 minutes Animation