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Sk Tanvir Faisal is a freelance artist beside this he has worked as a graphic designer and visual artist and has done many interior design for office and houses. he has many software skill such as Adobe photoshop, Adobe after effect, maya.

All my favorite artworks have figures in them that also envision scenes that emphasize primal impulses and power struggles among human beings. Recently I have completed a series on ‘king & Queen’ that portrays the power inequality in the society” says SK Tanvir Faisal. “Since I began drawing as a child that was my main interest.” Growing up in a very creative environment in Jessore, Bangladesh. He began painting as a kid and learned some exclusive drawing and water color from famous artist of Bangladesh, S M Sultan. With all its color and activity, mother nature inspired him to paint using perspective. After his high school studies this hobby turned into passion and become the turning point in his life. His wonderful and creative journey as an artist began. He attained education in Fine Arts , Dhaka University.

His lush paintings frequently center on fictional aristocrats in lofty interiors, portrayed in idiosyncratic swirls of paint that melt together. While some works seem dark and dystopian, others are tinged with notes of humor and levity; others still feel sweet, or elegant. His first solo exhibition was in Spitalfield Gallery, UK in 2003. Since then he participated in various exhibition and workshops

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