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Personal photo exhibition by Valentinas Jankauskis „Photo drawings“
In online Art Gallery by Zervas photographer Valentinas Jankauskis is prezenting his personal exhibition „Photo drawings“. The exhibition author works and creates in Tauragė, in Lithuania. Whil the author learned at school, he was active participant in art competitions and was awarded variuos prizes. V. Jankauskis was studied photography in Kaunas, attendet composition courses at Kaunas College. This author secrets of photography was studied to photographers: Regimantas Meilutis, Kristina Meilutė and Jonas Danielevičius. This photographer was organized seven painting exhibitions and four photoworks exhibitions. This photographer was take participated in the group exhibition „8” at Berlin City Hall. Valentinas Jankauskis came into photography from painting. Therefore his photography has many allusions with painting. In his exhibition V. Jankauskis presents non-standarts photographs of  various sizes, photodrawings is print on canvas. In the fourth personal photography exhibitions from the cycle „Photo drawings“, which was created in 2017-2018 years the author pays great attention to the decorativeness of photoworks through the nuances of content and form, colour and experimental symbols.

In the fifth  personal photography exhibition from the cycle “Photo drawings”, created in 2017–2018, the author pays great attention to the decorativeness of photographs through the nuances of content and form, color and experimental symbols. The artist came to photography from painting, so his photography has a number of allusions to painting. The abstract visual images in the work of the photographer V.Jankauskis are extremely individual, bright, growing into signs, in which the landscape, moods and emotions, and cultural associations merge. This type of photography becomes a distinctive feature of the artist’s work. In V. Jankauskis’ work, the photographic idea is expressed through colors and transformed, often deformed images, the contacts of those images. The abstract photographs of V.Jankauskis are dominated by thematic diversity of works, complementary and extending motifs. The harmony of shapes and colors in artistic photographs takes you to mysterious zones. Frequent photography invites the viewer to a dialogue and moves him into a certain meditative state. In the series “Photo drawings”, the author deliberately emphasizes the contact between photography and painting, color texture, focuses on photographic plots and intermediate stories, which can not leave viewers indifferent – the audience is involved in the process of color, reflection, mystery and pleasant discoveries.

Exhibition curators: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė, Panagiotis Zervas.