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Painter “Zita Tarasevičienė” personal exhibition from the cycle “Ode to Fall

Zita Virginija Jusevičiūtė-Tarasevičienė lives and works in Kaunas,Lithuania. In recent years, the artist actively take participate in the artistic life. Last year, for the artist give Art creator Status. The artist has already organized her personal exhibitions in Lithuania, Latvia and Ireland. She was participated in group exhibitions where was presenting Lithuanian art in Germany and Italy. The painter colloborates with the public institution „Gabrielegallery“ and with the art gallery „Bougie art gallery in Canada.
The latest exhibition „Ode to fall“ is associated with the time of the autumn season, so the exhibition is dominated by the play of autumn colours and natural motifs. Each work expresivelly creates a small miniature of autumn motifs, colours and emotions. The composition of the frequent work is united not only by color harmonies and contrasts, which create a reflection of uncerntainty, melancholy, but also by an experience narrative about the state, the mood, which in this exhibition in extremely transparent and timelless. The painter paintings are distinguished by mysticizm, mystery, subtexts, dialogue with the tradition and abstract art. The connection with nature and dialogue are very important in the artists works.
Talking about the autumn „the painter says: autumn wonderfull time of years. Nature transmits a lot of us. Recalling how wonderfull whide and fragile human life is. That’s why there are so many colours and proof that life is wonderful. The painter express these attitudes in her works. The cycle of paintings „Ode to fall‘‘ is extremely dynamic.
The painter expresses these attitudes in her works. The cycle of paintings “Ode to fall” is extremely dynamic, marked by emotion and ease of painting, playfulness, and infinitely different colors. In the works exhibited in the exhibition, the author proves her ability to infuse figurative elements and natural motifs into abstract stylistics. The exhibition is engaging, elegant in its entirety. The exhibition is presenting ‘’Zervas Art Online Art Gallery“ .

Curators of this exhibition is Panagiotis Zervas and Gabrielė Kuizinaitė