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Date of birth: 1/1/1966 Diwaniyah
• Member of the Iraqi Artists Association, 1986
• Member of the Association of Iraqi Plastic Artists / 1995
• Member of the Iraqi Calligraphers Association 1993
• He studied plastic arts personally
• The first personal exhibition in the Editorial Hall / Ministry of Culture and Information / Department of Fine Arts Year / 1988 / Baghdad / East Gate • Worked as an instructor of plastic arts in youth centers in Diwaniyah / 1987-1990 / Ministry of Youth and Sports
• Participant in many national exhibitions that were held in Iraq / youth exhibitions / nature exhibitions / Al-Wasiti exhibitions .987-until -2000 • Awarded the discretionary prize in the free and direct drawing competition for young people that was held in Tahrir Square / Baghdad / 1988 / designer of many postage stamps / implementation of many murals and paintings .. • I have holdings from my works at the Iraqi National Museum, Europe, America, and Australia. • Participant in Istanbul Arama Symposium for Peoples’ Cultures / Turkey / • Participant in Istanbul exhibition with artists from the world at BOMEM Art Gallery / Turkey / 2016 • Participant in the International Narrative Movments and FACTS Festival (International Plastic Art / India / Bengal / 2016) • Second personal exhibition / Al-Diwaniya / Palace of Culture and Arts, 26 / February / 2017 Participant, Victory Festival / Copkian Hall / Baghdad, July / 2017 Kahramana Arts Association • Participant of Al-Wasiti Fine Art Festival (11) / Baghdad / Department of Arts / Exhibition Hall / 9/11/2017 • Participant of the annual child festival (certificate of spring of life) Baghdad / Department of Arts / Exhibition Hall 9/10/2017 Shield ((creativity) from the Governor of Diwaniya / 2017 Shield ((Excellence)) Palace of Culture and Arts in Diwaniyah / 2017 • An official letter / thanks and appreciation from the Ministry of Culture and Antiquities / Fine Arts Department / 2017 • Participant in the Contemporary Art Exhibition (Memory of Life), Ministry of Culture / Fine Arts Department / 12/27/2017 • Participant in the Diwaniyah Symposium for free drawing with a group of Iraqi plastic artists / January / 2018 • Participant in the second Sumer Cultural Festival / February / 2018 / Dhi Qar Governorate / Hawajes Foundation for Culture and Arts. • Participant in the exhibition (if it were not for life) on the occasion of International Women’s Day / Al-Baghdadi Cultural Center / 3/3/2018 Al-Mutanabi Street / Hawajes Foundation for Culture and Arts .. • Participant in the tenth Baghdad International Festival for Flowers / April / 2018 Al-Zawra Gardens / Hawass Foundation for Culture and Arts .. • A participant with the Narrative Movments and FACTS Foundation for the arts in (International Day of Art) festival on April 15, 2018 in Kaskara, the festival was carried out in (40) cities from around the world on the same day and with the participation of (200) plastic artists from the world , • Participant in the International Artists Around the World Festival in Turkey, 11-16 August 2018, Istanbul … • Participant in (12) Al-Wasiti Festival of Fine Art / Exhibition halls – Department of Arts – Ministry of Culture / 12/12/2018 Shield (Excellence) from the Palace of Culture and Arts in Diwaniyah / 2018 Shield ((creativity)), Voice of Iraq International Agency / 2018 • Participant in the Festival of Arab Artists Forum / Al-Ahram Hall \ Egypt – Cairo \ February \ 2019 with a selection of Arab artists. • Participant in the third Sumer Cultural Festival \ Hawass Foundation for Culture and Arts \ Hall of Local Administration Hall \ Dhi Qar \ February 2019 with a group of Iraqi plastic artists – • Participant in the Nature Exhibition (The most beautiful nature in my country) Hall of the Arts Department – Ministry of Culture, Antiquities and Tourism – 15 \ April \ 2019 •• Participant in the “Hawas Cultural Festival” in Zakho – Duhok organized by the “Hawajes Foundation for Culture and Arts” July 25-2019 •• Participant in the Duhok Exhibition, February 2020, Duhok Governorate, with a selection of provincial artists …. with the Hawajes Foundation for Culture and Arts ..


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