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Ph.D. Prof. Art historian, educator, artist and art consultant
– Ph.D., History of Art and Architecture, The Ohio State University, 1988-1989.
– M.A. History of Art and Architecture, The Ohio State University, 1989-1993
– M.A. Art Education (Design), Collage of Art Education, Helwan University, Cairo, 1981-1984
– B.A. Art Education (Design & Sculpture), Helwan University, Cairo, 1973-1977My art is about life in a way of interaction with it. It deals with nature in a wider concept, environment and its problems, social and political issues, and aspirations of my soul. I make art as drinking water or eating food, it goes as breathing. Yes I sea art as tool for living in any form of art wither sculpture, painting or printmaking, the traditional art forms, or other new forms such as video art and installation. All these forms are means of creating the idea in a visual and conceptual form., While you are looking over my art works please think that they are sent to you.