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Marcel Bunea thinks that the artist’s purpose is to express the spirit. This spirituality can be sensitively embodied – as the first modern ones have said – by the various forms of incarnation that they spiritually pulls out of the material reserves of matter. Today’s painting by Marcel Bunea prefers, perhaps through its freedom, characteristics of a great spiritual epoch. Great abstraction, face to face with great realism. The great abstraction as opposed to realism understood as the image of the external artist with his desire to embody the content of the work by simple representation of the raw object, the great abstraction consists in the tendency to completely eliminate the object (the real) seeking to embody the content of the painting in non-material forms . Artless works, the inner necessity of choosing, is shown in the Pangratti 31 exhibition as Johan Sebastian Bach’s great escape. Marcel Bunea, born in 1952, is the holder of a national and international exhibition and a university lecturer at the Painting Department of the National University of Arts in Bucharest. She actively participated in the Revolution of December 1989, experiencing both her moments of tension and the emotion caused by the collapse of a system that seemed unwavering. Since 2008 he is vice president of the Painting Branch – Bucharest. The most recent awards are the Visual Arts Award (ex aequo) awarded by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Fine Artists Union of Romania.
He is the holder of the Order of Cultural Merit in Office of the Officer awarded by the Presidency