Now you have the chance to communicate directly with Aida via email, telephone & Social Media.
You can contact directly and talk with the artist to manage and buy (in the best prices) the paintings that you love.

If you love art, you don’t need millions to buy an artwork that you will live with.
If we really love art, we buy works by artists who live with us.

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It’s geat to buy artists of your generation.
Artists who live and create at the same time as what we live.
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Master Studies
Institution: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts, Prishtina
Institution: University of Prishtina, Faculty of Arts, Prishtina
Degree :Bachelor of Painting
High School:
Institution:Sami Frashëri High School, Prishtina
Collective Exhibitions:
Kuvendi Komunal – Gjakovë “Art Virtual” , April 18, 2020
House of Europe “Unification” – Prishtina (Kosovo), 2019
Faculty of Arts ,Collective Exhibition – Prishtina (Kosovo), 2019
Faculty of Arts ,Collective Exhibition – Prishtina (Kosovo), 2018
The National Gallery of Kosovo “1 në 1000” – Prishtina (Kosovo), 2017
Faculty of Arts ,Collective Exhibition – Prishtina (Kosovo), 2017
Artistic Activities
Painter in Garden Open Kitchen, Prishtina (Kosovo); 2018-2019

Art is a long-term investment, so we buy works of art that we really like. Do we want to have the work on our wall? Wondering if we can live with it or if we could live without it.These cheap artworks that we will buy today will probably prove to be an investment in a short time. Of course, like all investments, it involves risk, but if we overlook the economic dimension, then we must feel very satisfied.

By buying works from artists living with us, we help and support art, artists & culture to exist and offer to our life this so expensive spiritual privilege.

You are welcome to CHOOSE & BUY great artworks from Aida’s Online Solo Exhibition, in the best prices…!