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Alvydas Šalkauskas

Photographer Alvydas Šalkauskas presenting  exhibition „Lithuania endangered and reborn manors” at Zervas Web gallery

Photoartist Alvydas Šalkauskas was born 1958 in Molėtai city. At the the moment works and creates in Šiauliai city. In 1985 years A. Šalkauskas was graduated from Šiauliai Kazis Preikšo Pedagogical Institute of  Arts Faculty (now Šiauliai University Faculty of Social, Humanities and Arts). After graduating in 1993, the artist worked with his alma mater. Since 1993 A. Šalkauskas has been developing an individual business. Since 2004, Šiauliai Art School has been conducting photography, composition and sculpture. He take  participating in art exhibitions since 1986. In the past, graphic and leather plastic works have been largely exhibited. Since 2006 A. Šalkauskas usually presents his creations at exhibitions. The artist organized 16 personal exhibitions and participated in 36 group exhibitions, art events: exhibitions and plenairs with professional artists. Since 2013, he has been a member of the Lithuanian Photoartists Union.

See the manors that come in get exited are not and sometimes if seems if you wish to stay in them and settle. The plastic features of the photos are semless: creating the impression  of openess. It is important for the author to show continuation of the old culture. The mannors immortalital by photoartist, their surroundings – is the exploration of time, the spatial like of it. In the photos, the past changes with present getting of the surface. This builds is a bridge between several time.

They say there is a lot of talent to choose from when photographing an aggressive expression, but no less talent is needed to perpetuate peace. The author manages to reveal the architectural lightness of the estates, the calmness of the colors and the playfulness of the openwork. It is notable that the pictures affect even feelings: in some places sadness, some joy, which are characteristic of all the laws of life. The images captured are meditative, silent, like those mansions that have stood for centuries. Photo artist looking for beauty in simplicity. And he’s not going to get caught. Because beauty must be aesthetic and not always glowing.

Photoartist Alvydas Šalkauskas is a fanatic of his profession, who does not count the hours to be spent waiting for the right shot. I would call his photographs melancholy and poetic, which, as has already been mentioned, is what i need to see, mostly, the manors surrounded by old park trees. And after all, this exhibition is a meeting with the past, the present, and most importantly the call for care for the legacy of our culture. I think visiting Alvydas ŠŠalkausk exhibition will have good impressions and the author’s lead will immerse you in the world of estates.

Text author Ričardas Jakutis,
Publicist, organizer of events of Šiauliai Gallery “Stairs”
Exhibition curators: Panagiotis Zervas and Gabrielė Kuizinaitė

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