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Aras Lazgeen Jalal
Βorn in IRAQ-Baghdad in 1980

BFA Painting – Baghdad University 2004
Diploma (Fine Art- Painting) Baghdad 2001
Member of the Kurdistan Artists Syndicate
Member of Iraqi plastic artist society
Currently an Art teacher at the Institute of Fine Arts – Duhok, Kurdistan- IRAQ

He counted on the background of his realistic studies to draw topics accurately and professionally, directed many of the works of surrealism derived from the myths stories of the Orient. His artistic style was diverse, but relied on realism as the main source of his art. He was influenced by a group of local and global painters from a technical point of view and the selection of the subject, including Iraqi and global artists. His colors were inspired by nature in the atmosphere of pure Kurdistan and he had many experiences in water colors and acrylics, in addition to oil colors.
He participated in many group exhibitions in Iraq and abroad. The first personal exhibition was hold in Kurdistan-Iraq – Dohuk 2007, and the second in Germany – Berlin 2008.

14th– Babylon International Festival – Baghdad, 2002
Palm Festival Award – Baghdad, 2003
A certificate of appreciation from the Institute of Fine Arts, Duhok, 2007
A certificate of appreciation from the Kurdistan Artists Syndicate, 2012
A certificate of appreciation from the “Hawages” Artists Union, Baghdad, 2020