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Farhana Yesmin

Education :
M.F.A. , 2016
Faculty of Fine Art
University of Dhaka
Department of Print Making
B.F.A Honors , 2014
Faculty of Fine Art
University of Dhaka
Department of Print Making
Exhibition :
2021:”Us Woman 2021″ for the celebration of woman’s day, organized by EMK Center. UK.
2021: “Inclusive Indo- Bangladesh Online Art Competition 2021″India .
2021: “Festival Of Womanhood”The 2nd International Exhibition organized by Russia India Cultural Exchange.
2021:”Dear to Dream ” Organized by “IARF”and “Radart foundation”,India.
2021:Online International Art Exhibition 2021″.organised by “Jyoti Fine Art Institute”UP India.
2021:”The Colour Of Life is Woman”.Woman’s Day International Juried online Group Art Exhibition. organized by  Sayred and Trakya University, Faculty of Education.
2021:”REFLECTION OF FEMININE POWER ON ART” organized by Classic Gallery, Nepal to Celebrate women’s day on 8th march , 2021.
2021:” International Online Miniature Art Exhibition 2021″organized by IOMAC.
2021:” Canvas 2.0 ” organized by “Art Nation ” at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy “.
2021: “Art Trip and Exhibition ” organized by ” Artshala ” at ” Shah Alom Gallery of Fine Art ” Shylet,Bangladesh.
2020-2021: “22 Young Artist’s Art Exhibition 2020 ” at Bangladesh Shilpakhala Academy.
2020: “International Art Exhibition On Covid-19” organized by “Indian Royal Academy Of Art And Culture”.India.
2020:”Art Against Corona” Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakhala Acadeamy at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka.
2020:”22nd Young Artist Art Exhibition 2020″ Organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. Dhaka.
2020:”International Online Art Competition and Exhibition 2020″ organized by Artshala.
2020: “Konna” Online Group Art Exhibition organized by Konna.
2019 : “Second International Print Biennale Yearvan” organised by kultur Dialog Armenian at Yearvan,Armeniya.
2019: “7th Guanlan International Print Biennual” exhibition organised by ” China Printmaking Museum “, Guanlan, China.
2019: “23th National Art Exhibition 2019″organised by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy,Dhak, Banglades.  
2019 : ” 4th International & National Award Exhibition and Art Camp
2019″ organisedby “Shorong Art Group” at BangladeshShilpakala Academy, Dhaka, Bangladesh.                   
2019:Celebrating of International Women’s Day presents”International Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”a group of contemporary artists exhibition organised by”Art Line 18″ at Noty Binodini Memorial Art Gallery,Kolkata,India.
2019:”SPREAD WINGS” indo-bangla “International Exhibition Of Paintings”organised by “Konna”at Noty Binodini Memorial Art Gallery,Kolkata,India.
2019:”Dhaka Art Week”a group art exhibition ,organised by “Art Hawk”at
Bangladesh Shilpokhala Academy.
2019:”Konna Ar Amra”a group exhibition organised by”konna Group” at Bangladesh Shilpokhala Academy.
2019: “Art Exhibition Gazipur 2019” at Zainul Gallery, Dhaka, Banglades.      
2018:”Green men Musk” , organised by “Three Dimension” at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy.
2018:”Kibria young Printmaker Award Exhibition 2018″organised by Kibria Printmaking Studio at Kolakendra.
2016:”kibria Young Printmaking Exhibition 2016″ , organised by kibria Printmaking studio, at Gallery Chittrak,Dhanmondi,Dhaka
2016:”20th Young Artists Art Exhibition 2016″ at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2016: 21st Berger Young Painter’s Art Exhibition,2015 at Zainul Gallery,Faculty of Fine Art ,University of Dhaka
2016: “17th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh”,2016 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2016: “Biggapon” a group exhibition of “18th Batch” Faculty of Fine Art ,University of Dhaka at Zainul Gallery
2015: “21st National Art Exhibition” ,2015 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2015: “The End Is Where It Begins”art Exhibition at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2015: “University Day Exhibition”,2015 at Zainul Gallery
2015: “kahal Art Exhibition” 2015 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2015: “Rashed Memorial Exhibition” 2015 at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2015: “20th Berger Young Painter’s Art Exhibition” ,2015 at Gallery Chittrak, Dhanmondi,Dhaka
2015: “The International Women’s Day Art Exhibition” ,2015 at Nordic Club,Gulshan-2,Dhaka
2014: “19th Young Artist Art Exhibition” 2014,Organized by Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy
2014: “Urban Experiences” a group Exhibition of Mono Prints by young artist at Bengal Art lounge, Gulshan
2014: “18th Berger Young Painter’s Art Exhibition”,2014 at Gallery Chittrak,Dhanmondi,Dhaka
2014: “19th Berger Young Painter’s Art Exhibition”,2014 at Gallery Chittrak,Dhanmondi,Dhaka
2012: “Teachers and Students group Print Making Exhibition” by the Teachers and Students of Print Making Department,Fine Art at Zainul Gallery
Participated in all Annual Art Exhibition at Faculty of Fine Art ,University of Dhaka(2010 to 2016) at Zainul Gallery.
Awards and Honors :
2020:” Honorable Award Winner ” of International Online Art Competition 2020″ organized by Artshala.
2019:”Special award” winner at “4th National & International Award “, 2019 
2016: kibria Young Printmakers Best Award 2016,2016
2013: 2nd prize winner at 18th Berger Young Painter’s Art Competition,2013
2014: 1st prize winner at 19th Berger Young Painter’s Art Competition,2014
2014: Shilpacharjo Zainul Abedin Gold Award winner ,2014
Workshop & Art Camp :
2019 : “Contemporary Art and Theory Practice ” on “understanding new media, multi disciplanery, production, marketing, promotion, communication ” organised by”IRAART” at Dwip Galler, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.             
2018 : “Poramatir kormoshala”on “terra-cotta” organized by “Poramati” at Ashiatic Society,Dhaka
2018 : “Green Man” Terra-cotta Workshop” on “Terra-cotta” organized by Studio “Three Dimension” at Studio 6/6, Mohammadpur , Dhaka.
2017 : Vertical Terra-cotta Workshop” on “Terra-cotta” organized by Studio “Vertical ” at Shavar.
2016 : “Vertical Terracotta Workshop” on “Terra-cotta” organized by Studio “Vertical ” at Shavar.
2016 : “kibria Printmaking Workshop” on “Woodcut” organized by studio “kala Kendra”
2015: “International Painting Workshop” on “Tempera” organized by the Painting Department,Visual Arts Faculty, Rabindra Bharati University at Rabindra Bharati University,Kolkata,India.
2015: “The Bondage”an exchange workshop program on “Cyanotype” with Mr.Prashant Phiringi,Ajit Shill,Lecturer,Graphic Art Department,Visual Arts Faculty,Shanti Nekton,India
2014: Workshop on “Acrylic Colure”with the Artist -Mr.Hamiduzzaman,Ivy Zaman,Mr.Chanchal Chowdhury Organized by Vertical Art Studio.
2014: “Mono print” Workshop on “Urban Experiences” with American Artist Andrew Saftel at Safiuddin Bengal Printmaking Studio ,Dhaka by American Center and Bengal Foundation. 
2019: “Chitrokolpo” Art Camp” at BangladeshShilpakalaAcadem, Dhaka, Banglades.
2019:”4th National and International Art Camp ” at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academ, Dhak, Bangladesh.
2019 :Art Camp & Art Fest Gazipur 2019″ at Hazi Mohammad Zamir Uddin High school, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Public Collections :
Bangladesh National Museum,Shahbag,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
Private Collections (Selected):
Shunno Gallery,Dhaka,Bangladesh;American Center,Dhaka,Bangladesh;Bengal Foundation,Dhaka,Bangladesh;Graphic
Art Department,Rabindra Varaty University,India;Print Making Department ,University of Dhaka,Dhaka,Bangladesh ; Berger Company,Dhaka,Bangladesh;Artist Rokeya Sultana;Mr. Mainul Abedin ;Major works have been collected by Mr.Itrat Ahmed and Mr.Syed Ahmed and many other private collectors at home and abroad.
Skills and Abilities :Drawing,Painting,Watercolor,Design graphic design, web design ,Sketch,Craft,Terra-cotta,Lithography,Woodcut,Etching and Aquatint,Cyanotype. Etc.
Employment History : Founder member and owner of “Art for kids”, “Art 29 Fashion and Boutiques” and “Art 29” Studio.
Working as a derector and teacher of “Art for Kid’s” from March 6, 2010 – continuing on Drawing and Painting Department, at Nikunja -2 Dhaka-1229 from 2010 worked as a” Cheap CNC Designer” at “Kathuria “(May 2018 -September 2019). (January 2, 2010 – January 28, 2012):Worked as an art teacher on Drawing and Painting Department at “Montessori Homes School”,Baridhara,Gulshan-2,Dhaka.
Contact Address : Nikunja-2,Road-18,House-29(2nd floor),Dhaka-1229.