Fauzia Khan 2

Title:  Untitled
Materials:  Acrylics on canvas
Year:  2020
Country:  Pakistan
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Fauzia Khan is a reknowned artist, part of the art scene of Pakistan for over two decades. She is basically a landscape artist and made her name with her trademark work of Roots. Not only that, but she is known to delve into nature and discover things we tend to overlook in our daily lives. A fine example of that would be her portrayal of an ancient tree in the parking lot of Sheraton, the one we all tend to pass by without acknowledging or seeing the wonders of it that Ms. Khan not only saw but brought to life for us in her painting.
Being a natural born  artist, Fauzia Khan has no proper background nor degree of art and considers the nature her teacher and the Almighty, the greatest artist of all. For her, not only the nature brings peace and purity but also teaches her about the unexplained hidden mysteries of the world. She sees figures hidden in various places, seeming to work with the nature’s rhythm and music in protecting our world for us. That is what she unravels for us in her work. The sheer magnificence of the wild.

Awards Won:

  1. Bisat-e-yaran, Award in painting, June 2005
  2. Young Outstanding Pakistani Award in Cultural Achievement by Junior Chamber International (JCI) of 2004
  3. 2004 Sadequain Award
  4. 2003 First City Talent Women’s Award
  5. 1998 Sadequain calligraphy award 1st winner in category
  6. 1997 Winner of Fashion Designing Contest
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