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Fauzia Khan is an artist of various disciplines. She started out as a landscape artist in 1979 but first came into the art scene in 1991 when she took part in a two-person show at Gallery Sadequain. Since that time, she has evolved into more than just being a painter. Over the years she has experimented with various mediums and proved her mastership in all. She started off with oil paintings and then moved on to Glass and Stone painting and then back to oil and acrylic painting. One thing which has remained a constant in all these years is her fascination with nature and colors which can be seen in her paintings. In stone painting, she found the beauty within the stone’s original form and wanted to highlight it to the world. For this purpose, she took raw stones and painted on them various figures and landscapes. A unique form of art and first in the country. Fauzia’s series on “Roots” is one of her finest works.  This series established her firmly as a fine artist in the art world and became synonymous with her name.

She moved on to become inspired by the sufiana kalam and performed by Late Ustad Nusat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Perveen. Wanting to bring the beauty of the kalam to the attention of the world in the form of visual art, she combined the two by painting a complete picture on canvas, ‘live’ on stage, in accordance to the kalam sung by Naeem Abbas Rufi, at Alliance Francaise. This made her the pioneer in painting ‘live’ according to the lyrics. She also went on to demonstrate this on live television morning shows. She went on to do her own show “Tere Rung Rung” in which she showed viewers various types of painting styles by painting them herself and then interviewing painters of different fields of art about their styles, making this the first show of its kind on television. The concept, scripting, etc. was all done by her.

For her, landscape is a wide canvas because it encloses all the elements of nature and at times artist’s own interpretation, which makes the whole thing something different than just a landscape. In observing her work, the thing that stands out the most is that she does not paint the obvious. Instead her paintings show what she feels and absorbs from the nature. It will not be wrong to say that Fauzia’s sole inspiration originates from nature and through her work; she wants to reveal the deeper meaning behind the existence and beauty of these elements. Most importantly, she wants to praise the supreme Al-Musawir and highlight his hidden messages in the nature’s elements by painting them on her canvas. Those who understand the language of art will easily recognize and feel this experience through what is portrayed on the canvas.

This world’s canvas is so vast that one lifetime is not enough to explore, discover and paint all its beauty and reveal the secrets hidden in small nuances of nature. Through her work, Fauzia has always tried to portray a meaningful message and explore the connection/bond between us, humans, and nature. She hopes that in her work you will find all of the above in the form of realism, surrealism, impressionism and abstraction.