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(born August 9, 1939, in Focsani, Romania) is a plastic artist and a Romanian university professor.

Confession: Without a reference system you only get the local effect. With seemingly the same elements you can create a parallel reality, a convincing illusion, free from the tenacity of time. The main obsession is the transfer from one reality to another. I prefer the image released by its model, plus the immaterial consistency of the chimeras in which the real appears and is not. Florin Ciubotaru


He graduated from Nicolae Grigorescu Institute of Fine Arts in Bucharest in 1963 (professors Corneliu Baba, Ştefan Constantinescu).

Since 1964 he participates in most of the official saloons in Bucharest, as well as at Romanian exhibitions abroad.
Member of Artist Groups: Group 9 + 1 and Group 8 Art