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Gianfranco Rizzi was born in Foggia (Italy) on 3rd June 1946. Artist (painter, engraver, sculptor and set designer) is a Professor Emeritus at the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti of Turin.
He is recognized among the living artists as one of the most original interpreters in figurative paintings: who, in an innovative way, has dialogued whit the traditional classic Art.
He was a teacher at historical Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin (Italy) and was the holder of the First Chair of Painting and in charge of the Painting Department, as well as a member of the Board of Directors and the Academic Council.
Where in 1968 he reiceved a diploma in Scenography, furthermore, he is vice- president of the historic “Promoting society of the Belle Arti” in Turin which was founded in 1842.
He was also director of the Painting School of the adjoining Albertina Museum-Picture Gallery.
He also created the four large-scale oil paintings on canvas constituting the “Ciclo dei Saperi” (“Cycle of knowledge”) (covering a 32 m² total surface ), permanently exposed in the historical Lecture Hall of the Office of the Chancellor in the University of Turin.
In 1985 he was the youngest artist to win the national competition and to obtain the prestigious Teaching post at the Brera Academy in Milan.
Gianfranco Rizzi astonishes everybody for his precocious talent in drawing and painting. His artistic training was based on the classic tradition in the workshop of his father Faldino, artist and painting professor himself.
He was ones seventeen when he made his first personal exhibition, proposed in a list by Luigi Carluccio, a well-known art critic bolt in the national and international field.
In 1965 in Baglioni Palace of Florence he represented a personal exhibition organized by the art review “Signoria delle Arti”. The painter Pietro Annigoni, the writer Flora Volpini, the musician Ildebrando Pizzetti opened the exhibition.
After these early personal exhibitions, he was invited more than once to national and international artistic reviews where he received numerous prizes:
1st Prize “City of Turin” for his Painting “Show for Young artist” in 1969;
“City of Milan” Price for drawing in The XI edition of the “Diomira” prize of the GianFerrari of Milan Gallery.
His most important exhibitions are shown in Foggia at Museo Civico end Pinacoteca and at Palazzetto d’Arte, in Jesi at Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna “Palazzo Pianetti”, in Göppingen (Germany) at Stadthalle, in Anversa (Belgium) at Guillaume Campo Gallery, in Wurzburg (Germany) at Frederic Gallery, in Stuttgart at Adriana Gallery, in Galerie Kunsthäusle at Singen, (Germany).
He is a versatile artist, like a Renaissance artist, engaged in different form of art: sculpture, painting, engraving and scenography.
From 1969 to 1970 he realized a monumental sculpture in steel and bronze “The flight” (8x8x4 mt) for the civil airport in Foggia. As scenographer he took part in the “IV Rassegna d’arte del Mezzogiorno – Scenografia italiana Contemporanea”, in the Palazzo Reale in Napoli.
In 1971 he designed scenographies and costumes for the opera “Il re” by Umberto Giordano, at “The first night show” in Foggia, to celebrate the XXIII anniversary of the dealth of musician of whom the name of the theatre take after.
In 1988 he was invited at Singen (Germany) to the Scenography and Theater Review.
In the 2004 he is invited to Patras (Greece) to the International Symposium of Painting: Olympisms & Olympic Games, 1-10 September 2004; his opera on canvas : “Contro il tempo” was exhibited at the final show at the “Zervas Gallery” in Patra and took part in the following European exhibitions: Tessalonike (Grece), in Foundation ΒΑΦΟΠΟΥΛΕΙΟ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤRΟ (2006), and at Frankfurt Am Main (Deutchland) in Olympische Kunst in Haus des Deutschen Sports (2006).
In the 2006 he was invited to Patras (Grece), European Capital of Culture 2006, to the 3° International Symposium of Painting: “ The wrong…we didn’t dare”, 1-9 September 2006; his opera on canvas: “La sofferenza chiede aiuto” was exhibited at the final show at the “Veso Mare”, in Patra (8 -30 September 2006). In This occasion he partecipate, with a work “Viaggio continuo” (acrilic and oil on canvas) to exibition “Let’s about Migration” organized in Patra by Zervas Gallery, with support of Municipality of Patras, UNESCO- Hellenic National Commission, ONU- United Nations Regional Information Centre for Western Europe, direct by Dimitros Faturos.
In february 2007 expose his works at Tessalonike (Grece), in Foundation ΒΑΦΟΠΟΥΛΕΙΟ ΠΝΕΥΜΑΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤRΟ.
In the 2007 he was again invited to Patras (Grece), on behalf of Italy, to First International Conference “Conjectural Interference in Construction”.
In the 2008 he participate to “International Painting Exhibition in Itaca” (Greece) and to exposition “Human Rights through the Eyes of the Artist” in “International Symposium of Painting” , with support of ONU, in the Rion Castle (Greece).
In the 2009 he participate to work of “1° International Art & Science Festival University of Patras” (Greece) and he took part in Seminar “1° Symposium of Architecture- Visual Intervent in Construction” in Patras University.
In the 2010 he was invited to “2° Art & Science Festival International” and to “6° International Symposium of Painting” organized with University in Patras (Greece).
In the same year he participate to “1° European International Book Art Biennale” in the Museum of Art of Satu Mare (Romania).
In the 2010 /2011 he participate to “149° Exposition” of historical “Circolo degli Artisti” of Turin (Italy) in the historical Palazzo Graneri della Roccia in Turin.
In the same year he participate to exposition “Teachers and students of Albertina Academy” in Marmara University of Istanbul.
In the 2012 he participate to International Exhibition “Culture of Cosmos” in the “Costantin Brancusi Hall”, Palace of Romanian Parliament of Bucharest (Romania).
In the same year, he participate to exposition “L’Uomo e il Bisogno di Dio” in the “Nobil Collegio degli Orefici Gioiellieri Argentieri dell’Alma Città di Roma”, Roma (Italy).
He took part in seminars and gave lectures in several European Academies and Universities (Madrid, Lisbon, Berlin, Athens, Patras, Budapest, Istanbul…).
Now he is Member of I.S.A.C. (International Artistic Scientific Committee) made in Greece.
His works are shown in:
Paris (Ministére Affaires Culturels), Berlin ( National Pinakothek), Nürnberg (Stadtmuseum), Stuttgart (Gallerie der Staat), Goppingen (Staathalle),
Numismatics’ Collection of Vatican Library (City of Vatican ), Torino (Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna), Foggia (Biblioteca Provinciale; Museo Pinacoteca; “Palazzo Dogana” Provincia; Palazzo del Comune); Sanctuary of “Maria Hilf” , Vilsbiburg (Monaco di Baviera- Germany); and so on.