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Hanneke was born in Apeldoorn in 1968; she lives in Vlaardingen. Her interest in drawing started at a nearly age with drawings of aeroplanes, landscapes and plants. Hanneke has always been passionate about nature. In order to learn more about this she gained qualifications in agriculture, horticulture and environmental studies.

She has always continued to paint. As well as nature themes, she also depicts topics that touch her deeply, such as love, communication, freedom of thought, life and mysticism. She also takes photos of animals herself before capturing them on canvas. As a result of her photography, some of these images are too beautiful not to display them.
Most of her paintings are executed in oil or pastels. In more recent years Hanneke has also experimented with acrylicpaint.

She has developed her own distinctive style through her handling of the brushes and pallet knife, and is currently interested in evolving this style further. She is further bolstering her powers of perception and the development of her creative ideas.

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