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Lobna Al Amin, a Bahraini artist born in Muharraq, developed her artistic skills by attending several seminars and workshops in Bahrain, Cairo and Switzerland. She sees and lives art as a way to share and transmit childhood memories and an artistic sensitivity. Her work as an ode to heritage and to nature offers a peaceful experience. Since 1989 Lobna’s artworks have travelled the world as she participated in fifty-three group exhibitions. From East to West, her work has been exhibited in diverse countries and cities in Europe, in the Middle East and in the Gulf.  As for solo exhibitions, her art was shown during seven events between Bahrain, Damascus, Paris and Berlin. All through her international experience she has participated in diversified events: national art centers, western and middle-eastern galleries, outdoor exhibitions, international fairs and bienalles, Unesco projects, and thematic exhibitions.

Since the beginning her artwork has been guided by her passion for history, heritage, nature and wood work. The inhabited old wooden doors have been a major source of inspiration as she started by using them as an artistic media, enhancing their mystical depth. More recently, her frequent trips to the coastal city of Asilah have transformed her art. From wood to canvas and from vivid colors to earthy, blue and grey tons, Lobna’s work has profoundly evolved visually but the same sensitivities are found: sensitivity to contrasts, to the touch of smooth to rough textures, to nature and authenticity. The process of her art and her approach to the materials and artistic media always follow an essential principle: be attentive to the melody and to the stories of the wood, the air, the soil, the trees, the seas and the walls, and let them guide your inspiration. This desire to praise the gifts of nature by transposing their genuine characteristics on an artistic media is what certainly gives Lobna Al Amin’s art pieces their charm. As a result, her attractive and warm collections have found their places in several private collections around the world, notably in Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Holland, Paris and in Monaco Museum of Modern Arts.