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Saskia Huitema, 1975, a self-taught artist, works from her home in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Shebalances her work as an artist with her part time day job as pharmacist. 
Her main focus is on portraits, mostly with acrylics on canvas or panels in varyingsizes.
She works with models who pose and dress according to the theme she is working on. Saskia finds inspiration in (supernatural) tales, pop culture, women, fashion, art, Art Nouveau, the Pre Raphaelites, the ‘Roaring Twenties’ and  beautiful holiday spots. Saskia aims to portray beauty and emotions, weavetales and connect with nature in her art.
“I think one of the greatest gifts of humanity is imagination and it is what I am passionate about. I seek to evoke a sense of mystery, wonder and enchantment in my work.”

Saskia exhibits in galleries internationally, Art Fairs and at museums since 2015. She has won first prizes and her works have been nominated by jury in the national Dutch competition “Painting of the Year” in 2015, 2016, 2019 and by the jury of Zomer Expo in 2017. She was shortlisted for the Dutch Portrait Prize 2019.
In 2020 Saskia joined the international art collective ’Star Dust Art Collective’ and made a contributions to @78 Tarot’sEcological Deck and @78 Tarot’s Animal Deck.
Her work has been published in (international) catalogues and magazines and her paintings have been adopted in homes of collectors both nationally and internationally. 

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