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Semiha Binzet was born in Istanbul, graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts of Istanbul in 1967.
After moving to Ankara, she worked in the Natural History Museum as an artist. Then, in 1978, she has been in England as a scholar of the British Council, she studied printmarking and painting in the city and guilds of London art schooland got a certificate.
Sheattended with her lithographies in the Centenary Exhibition that was held in the Guildhall Art Gallery of London in May 1978.
During her stay in England she has had the opportunity of studying the British landscape paintings showing various parts of Britain.
In 1980, her prints were exhibited in the exhibition of World Print Three in San Francisco of the United States.

She was awarded by the International Culture and Art Society of Women (UFACSI), in the biennial and exhibition in France 1981. She has exhibited in one woman shows and participated in several group shows. Her works are purchased by local and foreign collectors in and out of Turkey.
She is the member of The Association of the Graduates from the State Academy of Fine Arts, Istanbul Exlibris Society and the Istanbul exlibris Academy society, Zervas Art.
Shesettled in Istanbul in 1989 was going on to study on her prints and paintings.

The Encyclopedias Were Biographies Were Included:

  • The Encyclopedias Of Turkish Painters by Nüzhet İslimyeli 1967,
  • The extracts from the Turkish art by Nüzhet İslimyeli,
  • The Encyclopedias of who is who in Turkey 1987-1990,
  • The Turkish Plastics Artists by Kaya Özsezgin 1994,
  • The collection of the Destek Rassurance by A.Kamil Gören 1998,
  • Contemporary International Exlibris Artists by Artur Mota Miranda 2016

Her private exhibitions;

  • Akbank Art Gallery Ankara 1970
  • İş Sanat Art Gallery Ankara 1970
  • Bodrum underwater Archeological Museum, Haluk Elbe Art Gallery 1982
  • Selçuk Efes ArcheologicalMuseum Art Gallery İzmir 1989
  • İzmir Mazhar Zorlu Art Gallery İzmir 1993
  • Destek Reassurance Art Gallery İstanbul 1996
  • TC Ziraat Bankası Tünel Art Gallery İstanbul 2001
  • Yetenek Arts Center İstanbul 2009


Semiha Binzet graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts in İstanbul in 1967. She studied on printmaking and painting in London Art School in 1978.She has opened more than ten solo exhibitions and participated in many composite exhibitions. Her works have entered the collections. She has won award of The International Culture and Art Society of Women (UFACSI) in France in 1981. She is member of the İstanbul Ex-libris Society and İstanbul Ex-libris Academy Society and Zervas Art.

Semiha Binzet is a fan of İstanbul. And she loves the cats.You can often see these two subjects in her works.The person who has an endless love in the beauties, wants to have good things in her life.Artists are extremely sensitive to beauties.Recognizing these people who are different from other members of the community with their emotional structures, characteristics and works they create makes them easier to understand.

Sometimes a color, a texture, a sound or an event can affect the artist, revive her memories, and cause a feeling of enthusiasm and excitement with the love of creation.And it could trigger it.The artist who does not convey what her has seen, heard or heard in this act of creation; transforms the art into a work of art by seeing the events alone, not hearing.The creative person who integrates with her works naturally adds to her things other than herself and creates others. If we admire a work of art that is similar to the fact that something is not really concerned with the original, it is because of the others the artist adds to it. For this reason, art works have a great impact on people.
Semiha Binzet’s works have a great influence on people. Will continue to do.

Dr. Hasip Pektaş
Nişantaşı University, Faculty of Art and Design, Graphic Design Department,
Ağaoğlu Maslak 1453, TR-34398 Sarıyer, Istanbul, Turkey
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