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Trudie Canwood-Kruger (Arnhem, The Netherlands, 1961) is a professional artist. As a childsheused to draw, paint and sew all the time. After high school she studied textile design and interior design but for a long time she hardly used her skills professionally.  In 2003, afters pending a month on the beautiful caribbean island of Curaçao, where her husband was born and raised, she started painting. Her work, in bright effulgent colours and inspired by her mother-in-law and daily caribbean life, often has an unmistakable carribbean feel. Almost immediately Canwood’s painting career really takes off and in 2009 she was able to quit her part time job to become a full time artist. Initially she sticks to her caribbean theme. Later on she starts to paint other themes and landscapes as well. But always in this characteristic simplified colourful style. Canwood usually works with acrylic on canvas or board but also likes to use mixed media (ink, printing, collage etc.)

Canwood had exhibitions in New York, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Aruba, Nevis and more caribbean islands. In 2011 for the first time a solo-exhibition was completely sold out. Her work is used for postcards, mugs, place mats, several books, packaging and art diaries etc.

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