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I look realistically, I think abstractly

The painter never paints the world, but only observes it, only to forget it later. Forgetfulness is necessary. But not complete. It is a creative forgetfulness, which creates space for unlimited associative games. The imaginative content of the layered forgetfulness is most strongly and suggestively expressed through the colors.

On the other hand, explosive expressiveness is relativized, in some way muted by the fragmentary character of associativity. Thus, the image acquires the character of an open structure, constantly subject to various and new upgrades. This pronounced dynamism of the image comes from the fact that the creative process is in principle never completed. Such dynamic and open images enhance and enrich their communication with the audience, offering great, almost inexhaustible interpretive possibilities to the observer. The outside world, in its rich and varied appearance, is provocative, seductive, incomprehensible, and insurmountable in its constant variability. But is he, and how much is he really a creative challenge for the artist ?! Processed and contained, associatively nuanced, the sensations derived from it begin to live their own lives. The image has long since lost its representative function. The outside world has ceased to be its sole object. The language of art condenses and complicates, and so through a continuous and intense self-behavior, the image manages to take root in itself.

Condensation results in a constant creation of new metaphors, which require the use of new materials. The former obligation of the artist to observe the modernist tendency of unity of style no longer exists.

The free movement from one language to another, from one means of expression to another, which are so characteristic of the contemporary artist, very clearly indicate that the search for a new constant style, for a new tendency, has already been abandoned.

Thus the research possibility of the artist can be limited only by the level of his imaginative accumulation and the quality of its expression. Because the power of the artist is precisely in his gift to create new worlds, to offer new different realities, constantly feeling, making us insensitive to the complexity, diversity, richness of the numerous and imaginative expressions of the existing.

Zlatko Gligorov