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Abeer Gebril

Bachelor degree in fine art, El Aqsa university , Gaza, 20052010
Secondary education certificate, RamezFakhra  Secondary School, 2004
Training  Experience     
Trainer   in Haifa organization  in Gaza  after the graduation, 2009-2011.
First  level  in the competition caricature  for AMAN  society, 2010
Third level in the competition caricature  for Palestinian Institute for communication and development, 2011  


  • November – December, 2008  awalkhotwa .. with young journalist club ,2008
  • January-February, 2010 – alwan , 
  • July-September, 2012  Rashad el Shawwa , al wedad organization , 2012 .  
  • April  2015 (laon men hatha el aalam) tamer institute for community education. >>elshoban el masehia. 
  • December 2010 (el toraath) el eslamia university.
  • 2011 elmadena…with al qataan center. 
  • 15-5-2017     ala tareeqalqods…,withrawasi of Palestine for culture and arts… 
  • 5_10_2017  youth building peace…with unicef..international youth day… 
  • 2018   khareq el daeraa  ( outside  the circle)    … with gazaatieler artists  . 
  • Contemporary art exbihition( we are alive)  in. Gaza 15/9/2018 
  • Internationalenkunstler symposium  in berlin  18/10/2019  (Mesesages from the sea of gaza) 
  • Art exbihition (to be alive) in the french institute in Gaza 22/2/2021.
  • Artistic residence (balck rhythm) 2021 from Qattan  in Gaza..  

• Participate in many Murals  ingaza , el Shifaa hospital about Day of hope and in el Saraya  about day of Earth
•  Participate in psychological support projects in schools, was the initiative entitled (Palestine through the eyes of her children) 2014
•  Participate in the Tamer Institute, within the family trainer Arts Projects  (January_ July ) 2013  (December)  2014    
• Received training from hi foundation on how to deal with a child  with disabilities ..
• Worked wirhacamp for children with disabilities and children without disabilities and integrating 2021
• Worked on training children through the internet .plastic arts lessons remotely  during the first period of the corona virus for tamer foundation.

1) Untitled
Executing this work in 2021, two days before the last Gaza war… It was this girl. And before the war, she is trying to rise from all the pressures that have become burdensome to her movement. It no longer moves freely. Society, perhaps the occupation, and perhaps many stories were the ones that restricted her movement..it was useful… but she is still trying to rise..because she did not and was not satisfied to live in chains..
Acrylic colors on canvas 50*70 price $80

2) Behind the rubble
This work was carried out after the last war on Gaza, after the great terror that took place in the buildings. And the horrors we experienced in Gaza. where the war was. Historically, the fiercest is upon us…as usual, the icon of strength is my woman who lives in Gaza. I tried to get up behind and in front of that rubble of buildings..Maybe it restore hope and become a beautiful part that you see and live…
Acrylic colors on canvas. 50*70 Price $500

3) Time bomb
This work talks about the reality of women in Palestine or in Gaza in particular. And all the pressures felt by the female. Make her live on the verge of explosion. It’s like dancing on a time bomb. At any time she could explode… but she resisted and decided to dance with the presence of that bomb. And perhaps that gave her greater strength in life and challenge…
Size 190*150, acrylic colors on canvas. 2000$

4) The separation wall…
This work was carried out in 2019. The breaches of the separation wall were almost suffocating the people of Gaza and also still..my woman who lives in Gaza crossed that it is stronger than all these walls, which are only cement. It has no will within it..as one of the citizens actually painted a large staircase on the wall. An indication of transgressing this wall and degrading it…she was defying all these difficult circumstances. that surrounds her country..Gaza, the West Bank and the interior..the concrete borders were hard..but she was dancing next to this wall..maybe it was not an ordinary dance of a silk thread like all the ballet dancers we know..she was special in some way and in everything…
Acrylic colors on canvas 90*50 price 2000$

5) Maya
That’s my daughter…my daughter’s name is Maya…Maya used to do ballet with her diligence. Perhaps she was affected by what I draw. She became fond of these movements..I was contemplating what she was doing and thinking about her questions about wars, and what would my mother do..Are we going to stay in Gaza? What will happen to the places that have been destroyed by the war..All these questions were enough to draw Maya as she contemplates the devastation that will befall our country…Is there any hope?
Acrylic colors on canvas 90*150 price $2500

6) Dancing on thorns
There was a strong girl dancing on the cactus.. She was surrounded by a lot of pain and pain.. The music she danced to was the challenge inside her.. She danced in pain, challenging everything.. She also saw some elegant flowers around her, but the pain. Despite all that, she was still standing and dancing.
Acrylic colors on canvas,
size 40 * 80
Price 500$

7) Absurd bullet
That was the moment that bullet came out..my eyes can’t see in them.. I don’t know what the source of that mean deadly bullet came from.. I did not stop living from the challenge.. I danced and danced.. That was the moment of life for me..and I will not give up. .
Acrylic colors like the same size 70*90
Price 1000$

8) Handcuffed woman
I was dancing..and suddenly I found my hands tied..cuffed from above..I could not stand up well..but I decided that I would not kneel..I tried to use those handcuffs..I said I will use them as a tool to dance..I will not kneel..I fought and fought. But I’m still tied up.
Acrylic colors on canvas..size 100*70
Price 1500$