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Norelus John Mackenley was born on July 8, 1996 in Port-au-Prince, to a family of 5.
This child grew up with a brush in his hand, endowed with an incredible intelligence, he draws his first forms from his professor friends, the visual artist Lyonel Junior Elie and the sculptor Calvair Fritz in 2004, since then art has become a real passion
In 2011 he made his first experience as a teacher with his
art teacher for an organization “Andikape Internasyonal” 260 disabled people knew discover their talent. an experience that marked many of them, who are become true artists.
In 2014 he met another talented artist, a landscaper Louis Murat who appreciated his technique, who
In 2015-2016, on his way he meets another Artist Louis Jeune Patrice Kenny, who taught him the keys of a talented portrait painter.
In 2017 he participated in a collective exhibition of works of art in his town.
2018 – 2019 he signs contat de face painting, with Arly lariviere, where he had to make up a whole team.
In 2021 he returns to Santo Domingo to continue to please and satisfy his new public by making their portrait.
His dream is to travel around the world to showcase his art, “Nothing is impossible”
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