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Ms. Serenos Pečiūnaitytės painting and graphica arts exhibition „Nomen Reptilium”

Serena Pečiūnaitytė is interested in animals and love them. There are not many artists, as Ms. Serena, who conceptualise themselves so strongly particularly with nature orientated artists, especially, in the branch of arts of Graphics. Ms. Serena is extremely sensitive to environment, drawing, observation and representation. An animal is much more than simply a natural zoological  object  for this artist, because  for this artist an animal also symbolises person‘s experiences, and  serves as a metaphor for human emotions. Anatomy of mammals in Ms Serena‘s arts comprises a unique characteristics of her creative philosophy. 

The genre that artist Serena Pečiūnaitytė contributes most is related to animals, however, she is also interested in and contributes to other genres. She illustrates books, paints paintings and murals. Ms. Serena prefers graphics, because she appreciates drawing. Drawings of animals remind a portrait, introduces an animal as a reflection of a human being, her drawings emanate soul. She represents biological diversity. Turtles, iguanas, alligators find their way into her pieces of arts. Specific features of her pieces are evident, because their transcendental nature mirrors human experiences. Motion, ideas are important to Ms. Serena. The paintings at the same time analyse problems that people are facing now, such as emigration. While illustrating a book about a turtle and its story, Ms. Serena discusses the fragility of human happiness. Ms Serena infuses life to animals. Her paintings depict humorous, sensitive features of a human temperament. The series presented in exhibitions. Drawing plays the man role in pieces of graphics and while illustrating books.

Ms. Serena organised 18 personal exhibitions, she participates in events organised by Lithuanian Association of Artists, international events, tri-annual event in Belgrade (Serbia), also she participates in events, such as conferences, organised by zoologists. Lithuanian nature and its preservation are important for Ms. Serena. Moreover, she has a pet, a turtle. The turtle lent its face for one of the main characters in one of the children‘s book. Turtle and the artist invites children to navigate pages of the book.

Information preapeared by Serena Pečiūnaitytė
Exhibition curators: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and Panagiotis Zervas.