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“Two sides”

In Zervas Art gallery artist Živilė Bardziliauskaitė-Bergins, present her exhibition „Two sides“ .

Živilė Bardzilauskaitė-Bergins, the ceramicist famous for her masterful and graceful porcelain products, exhibits paintings inspired by the decor of her own porcelain works. Porcelain plates and vases of refined beauty which are displayed next to it is a reference to the source of the artist’s ideas. It is an assurance that both sides of creativity are equally important to her.

            We know Živilė Bardzilauskaitė-Bergins as a ceramicist, who has mastered the technique of bone china. Although the artist with great ingenuity creates both a functional vessel and a conceptual sculptural object, porcelain items decorated with curvy geometric patterns and fantastic motifs (plates, vases, and tableware sets) were unsurpassed from the first steps of her creative path. Živilė studied at Kaunas Stepas Žukas Applied Art Technical School. In 1977-1982, she studied at the Lithuanian Institute of Art (now Vilnius Academy of Arts) while working at Kaunas “Jiesia” Experimental Fine Ceramics Factory. It took many years to reach such a level of professionalism when the finished work no longer smelled of sweat.

          The expressive decor of the artist’s porcelain works evolved from precisely painted braids of geometric motifs to a freer, improvisational manner when a dazzling white plane of plates and cylindrical vessels was filled in with moving figurative scenes. The painting of Živilė Bardzilauskaitė-Bergins also corresponds to the double decor of porcelain dishes. The acrylic-painted canvas cycle “River of Thought” (2017), consisting of “Morning”, “Day”, “Evening”, and “Night”, seems to continue the stylistics of the more recent quest for freer painting on porcelain. Such a painting is based on the change of impressions, the contrast of the light and dark side of life, which is embodied by blends of naked figures with different moods and colors. The author seems to say that life is not monochromatic and that morning always dawns. Meanwhile, the paintings combined into the cycle “Mirage” I-IV (2018) bring us back to the beginning of the ceramicist’s creative path, when its porcelain tableware decor simply gleamed in the spirit of art deco, and you could see your own microworld in every centimeter of the vessel.

Živilė’s dedication to the art of ceramics is evidenced by over twenty solo exhibitions, a large number of group exhibitions, participation in prestigious international competitive ceramics exhibitions in Japan, Australia, America, New Zealand, Poland, and China. In 2013, the artist won the Honorary Award in the 2nd exhibition-competition “China Kaolin Grand Prix for the International Ceramic Art” in Jingdezhen (China), and her works reached Jingdezhen Ceramic Industry Heritage Museum. The artist’s works are in the Lithuanian Art Museum, M. K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum, the US collection of the international competition “Ceramics Monthly International Competitition” (1999), and Shepparton Art Museum (Australia). At the 3rd Vilnius Ceramic Art Biennial, the composition “Sweet Memories” (2014) was awarded by a biennial diploma.

           The artist is an active member of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association (since 1995), a long-term member of Vilnius and Kaunas branches of the Lithuanian Artists’ Association and the chairwoman of the ceramics section of Kaunas branch. She is also the project manager of the International Baltic Countries Exhibition of Contemporary Ceramics “Spring” and Symposiums “Reduction”. Her activities were evaluated by the Sign of Santaka, which is granted by Kaunas City Municipality.

Text author  Ph. dr. Lijana Šatavičiūtė-Natalevičienė
Exhibition curators: Gabrielė Kuizinaitė and Panagiotis Zervas.